Tips from the MotoGP: steering and steering factors

Small changes can have a big impact!

Moto GP Tips – Driving techniques on race tracks

Steering and steering impulse technology

  • What is the steering? The process of tilting the machine into a curve. A motorcycle can only be steered at an angle.
  • Right curves: Push the handlebar to the right so that the motorcycle “falls” into the right curve.
  • Left-hand bends: Push left; pull at the other end of the handlebar at the same time.


  • Handlebar grips are only control devices, not supports. If I support myself firmly on the handlebars, there can be a loss of control.

Turning point

  • Turn point = Turn point
  • On the race track, you look for a marker for the curve entry point and always turn at this point if the curve passage fits well.
  • If steering corrections are necessary for the middle/at the end of the curve or if the throttle has to be closed and opened again in the curve, then the turning point has been too early.

Turning late

  • At the beginning of a curve, there are 2 possibilities: early/late steering.
  • Late turn-in Late turn in a curve is better, but driver fears prevent this >>> deliberately practice!
  • Advantages of late turning: You can see more of the curve before turning! This means better planning of the line, in the middle of the curve less inclination, so that you can accelerate earlier.
  • So: Slowly enter a bend, but drive out faster.
  • Suggested exercise: Turn in one bike length later!

Turning in early

  • Early steering is based on the old driving technique of the 30/40s: narrow tyres and poor suspension. So we had the goal: to drive as large a radius as possible.
  • But: You drive faster into the bend, but much slower out.

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