Paint engine

  • Runtime: 2/3 hours
  • Difficulty: low
  • Tool and tools needed:
    • A can of black anticaloric paint, I will use it matt
    • Two brushes one medium and the other small
    • Bodybuilder tape and newspaper sheets
    • Some powerful grease type kh7

First of all, if there is any piece of the engine with rust or any dry debris, it must be removed. You can use a wire brush and top motorcycle lift.

After washing the engine well, you can use some cleaner or soap because the driver must be cleaned of grease and oils.

With masking tape, I cover the parts that I want to protect from the paint and remove the caps or pipes from the spark plugs. It is effortless to preserve these areas, but it is tough to have to clean the drops of paint that are falling.

I start painting the engine. I recommend doing it from the inside out. The paint is very liquid, so it covers the entire surface very quickly, even in the most profound areas.

I use the small brush for the most challenging and hidden areas. When I think everything is covered with paint, I look from all possible angles and find some uncovered area, so I end up painting all those areas.

Well, everything is already painted. I leave it a few hours drying and then give it a second hand again. I see still some unpainted areas that I cover now, and thus I finish the job. I remove the bodybuilder’s tape and newspaper sheets from the parts I didn’t want to paint. I let the paint dry until the next day.

I start the motorcycle and turn around to warm up the engine. With heat, the paint sticks to the engine block. The color already looks dry, but the bike smells like paint. In a few days of use, the smell goes away.

The result is excellent since the heat paint is very diluted, and there are no marks or traces of the brushes. It has a finish as good as if we had painted it with a spray gun. It is a cheap and easy solution. Be careful that there is no hair from the brush stuck in the motor since when the paint dries, it shows a lot.

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