From old makes new

At first, an inventory was made of the defective parts of the bike and the station wagon, as well as the helmet.


Helmet is ripe for the garbage can, leather suit (wasn’t even mine, ups) except for a few tracks still quite good, my poor little Hond… Battered (stump broken off, the cockpit has a crack, the tank is dented, but tight, the fairing is pretty much in the bucket, my racing windshield has it behind it and the footrest system, as well as the gearshift lever, are crooked.

At this point I would like to say: FOR CHANCE I had a GP Racing protector cover on the oil cover, otherwise, it would have gone over and my bike would have even lost oil.

Well well, since I wanted to make some changes for the coming season, as well as a few changes, in order not to ride more completely series, I evaluated and used the fall as a NEW START. Just by the way… I only had a few bruises and a few days of headaches. The luck was once again on my side

Here is a small, shortlist about the renewals:

  • Handlebar end (HRP)
  • Racing disc
  • Cladding (repaired and repainted)
  • Second fairing set repaired and laminated
  • The second set of rims (powdered)
  • Racing footrest system with reversing circuit
  • Oil, coolant and brake fluid have been replaced.
  • ABS kicked out
  • Steel flex lines installed
  • Brembo brake pump (RSC 19) installed
  • Brake vented
  • ECU flashed
  • Short stroke throttle grip and new grip rubbers
  • Clutch lever renewed
  • Carbon frame protector
  • New, lighter battery

Of course, I also bought myself a new helmet: Shoei X Spirit III I’ll show you in the next post when I report from the Sachsenring.

Cost 2800 Euro (I didn’t do everything myself, because I don’t like to experiment with some things)

I’ve looked into my smart list I keep, purely out of interest. I would like to do or change the following things: Lap timers, stub spare tubes, spare pads, a second set of brake discs for the second set of rims, Quickshifter, new chainset, wheel distance sleeves & next winter the fork will be overhauled. Maybe there will be other translations as well, but I have to deal with that first.

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