Braking – extreme test! 36 curves in one go!

The Intoxication

1st gear the engine turns up and the front wheel rises, limiter, fast in the 2nd gear, the speedometer shows already more like the StVo permits. The R1 doesn’t care. This machine puts everything out of action! Oh fuck, the first 90 degrees right turn. Throw anchor fully hangs in, the knee touches the hot asphalt. Your eyes turn to the exit of the curve. You pull the gas and the tyre digs itself into the road surface. The propulsion is brutal. But the next turn is already waiting! Now it goes into a left turn followed by 34 others. High performance for the brakes. Hardly time to cool down, but no end in sight. Because who drives up the former mountain race track at the Kyffhäusergebirge, near the peaceful place Kelbra, will also come down again!

But something is different? What’s wrong with the brake? Now you have to throw the hand anchor harder. You can forget the rear brake right away.

Whew, luckily we arrived safely at the foot of the mountain. I take off my glove and touch the brake disc with my hand. It hisses and a shred of skin sticks to it…joke!

It’s not that bad, but the material is really hot. I grant the heavily loaded material a short break and refresh myself with a cold drink from Cafe 36, which Andrea and family have been running for decades and have also experienced a lot there.

The Enlightenment

Stahlflex brake lines for a constant pressure point. But that’s not enough for me. Stronger brake discs are needed! This way the heat is better dissipated, of course, you also need new brake pads. It’s no secret that the brake callipers of the R1 are already very good from the factory and many Gixxer drivers fall back on them when it comes to performance. But back to Topic!

Wave brake discs front and rear, as well as the matching brake pads at race level, were ordered quickly. The suitable steel braided brake lines could not be missing.

The assembly!

The package was there and I started to mount it right away. Old discs down, new discs up. Of course also with new screws and the screw lock not forgotten. One would like to come back home safely. Left Wave brake disc, right disc, not mix up, but you can not actually. Are direction-bound

The brake fluid was drained quickly and the steel flex brake lines from Fischer were easy to install. At the front, the line is divided by a banjo bolt directly on the pump. Which is a very big advantage. The length fits perfectly and also looks cool in red.

Forget something else? Oh yes, the new rubbers! Don’t forget to clean the brake callipers properly before installation. Reassemble everything and tighten with torque.

Test drive!

Let’s go! But gently, don’t brake too hard and always let it cool down nicely. The first few meters feel quite good, but I can’t see an improvement. Funny and I thought these were the overrakes par excellence. The disc and the lining have to adapt first, that was clear to me.

So I’m off to Bikerelderado after all? Not far from me there is a super track, with the R1 no problem. So let’s go, but what is that? The front-wheel vibrates when taking off the throttle and braking slightly!!

Possibly there is still?

Continue and watch! As always stop! Arrived in Oberhof at the Sternengrund. Perfect, hardly any traffic, but first check out the route. I can’t find anything serious. Turned in the roundabout and LOS! First gear, uphill, second gear, rather stay on the left lane, third gear, now the torque can unfold perfectly. The first bend comes closer and closer, down into the 2nd, the engine howls, 10.000 rpm and the R1 feel comfortable. Now it’s braking, ass over, leg down,

Upper body out and one is already around the curve, but there was again the rattling with braking!


I figured out what I did wrong. So loosen all screws again, axle and brake calliper! Tighten again. But it simply brought nothing. Should the new brake discs be warped? Or is the fork broken? Steering head bearing worn out? But I had only pulled that. First, drive on!! This time we went to the Kyffhäuser. Maybe the brake has to get hot?

But it did not get better! Even the asphalt was so hot that the rear tire began to lubricate. I wanted to test new tyres anyway and ordered a set from Dunlop. According to the manufacturer, 50% of the tyre was designed for the road and 50% for the race track.

I am curious!

On to Oberhof. The road is hotter than ever. The tyre is brute. It sticks to the asphalt. I grin and the R1 pushes forward.

The rattling while braking has disappeared. It was on the front tyre. This one was worn down on the flanks. Fucking cornering!!! I immediately tell Albert that everything is fine with the brakes.

Yes Baby, now the real test can start.

The hot phase

What do we do with the dawning day? Resin around? The varied tracks are ideal to put the full potential of the new brake system to the test. Let’s take it easy, to warm up, so to speak. Wicked, surely more than 100 motorcyclists stand at the net hangover and treat themselves to a break after a hard resin ride. Hopefully, there is no police on the track, but no fear! Of course, the brakes are allowed on the road (ABE).

A small turning manoeuvre at the pea soup and back it goes. The first passage already demands the brake. But it keeps a cool head.

The pressure point remains the same even with higher heat generation. I probably owe that to the steel flex line and the fresh DOT 4 Motul RBF 660 brake fluid. Thorough cleaning and checking of the 110% functionality of the brake calliper certainly also plays an important role.

A longer straight leads to acceleration.


A car pulls out of a side street. I’m going into the iron. Bäm, I think the braking brake wants to punch me in the face. The R1 comes to a stop after a few meters. The retired couple in the car shake their heads and the guardian angel always goes with them! It goes on, but which way? Direction Rappbode dam and then over Ziegenkopf to Stolberg? Today we drive in the Orchard? Around the evening I sit on the terrace and enjoy a cool blonde.

That makes me think! Why not test the brakes with a passenger? The very horny idea of me, but who would be so crazy and would ride along.

I know only one person, also still another woman. I would say Jackpot!

The extreme test

She unfolded the footrests and made herself comfortable on the 12x12cm seat. I would have liked to have seen the view from behind, of course. I put in the first gear and we drive off. It should become only a small round to the nearby Kyffhäuser. Have some fun with the crew. We drive together for the first time, but it seems to fit very well. She moves her motorbike in a species-appropriate way!

We ride comfortably up and down the mountain. The brakes don’t fail on any meter, I have adjusted the chassis extra to transport the graceful object royally. The R1 seems to have fun. The traction is extremely good, due to the higher load on the rear wheel. The tyre also gets up to temperature well.

We 3 know that we can’t just leave it in the room.

The Queen turns up and Fine embraces me with her arms. But I don’t like to cling like that. I need my freedom. She slides a bit backwards and supports the tank. Much better that way. The first turn is coming! The Braking gets to grips and Fine tries to withstand the enormous power of this godforsaken brake system. But it only makes it with effort and necessity!

Again and again, our bodies touch each other. She has to spread her legs so that I can get into hanging off. No problem for an experienced driver. We merge to a unit, a team, one with the machine, 1 and 1 plus R1. Every turn is a pleasure.

But back to brake system!

My fingers touch the lever and within seconds the system builds up the pressure so that the big pistons disengage and the brake pads press tightly against the thick disc. The fork rails dive deeply. The unit moves towards the inside of the curve. The fuel mixture explodes and drives the hellish vehicle forward. The spars slowly dive out again!

A successful and fun day. Fine says goodbye and walks into the door. I turn around, catch another glimpse. Visor down and back to home. Enough curves were seen for today!


My conclusion of the brake system!

The sintered linings pack well. 2-3 strong braking manoeuvres and they are on the temperature where they show their full power. Also suitable for the race track! I can’t say anything about the durability yet but the wear is limited. The coefficients of friction are also in order. In combination with the Braking Wave discs, the heat development and dissipation is very good. The heat is distributed very well due to the design of the weave construction. The slots in the disc have the function that the airstream can cool the material from all sides. I don’t have to explain why floating windows are used (floating). I can only recommend the steel flex lines. Thus the pressure point remains as good as always the same. A prerequisite for this is, of course, good maintenance of the brake system. Brake fluid should be checked and changed regularly.

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