Air Filter Maintenance – Everything you need to know

I already found stones, grass, wood, sand, dust, leaves, even nuts and bees in my air filter boxes.

Since you are happy, of course, that all these things have not found their way through the intake, past the intake valves in the combustion chamber only to then brutally beaten up there by the piston to a way past the exhaust valves through the exhaust and finally head of the following driver.

I already hear the 2Takter screaming: Neeein with me that is quite different .. Yes! okay .. but the bottom line is that we drive motorcycles and not shredders.

Of course, this is a bit exaggerated and there is almost no one who drives without air filters anyway!

The more realistic danger is, of course, poor maintenance of the filter, which can cause the engine to run fat, for example, because a filthy filter does not allow enough air to pass through it or suck in very small particles of dirt.

Among other things, I own a CRF450R of the early years of construction, then equipped with coated intake valves. If these were “sandblasted” by bad filter effect easily the valves were received and had to be exchanged.

Lots of blabber about little information: with the correct maintenance of an air filter, one ensures that the engine is not unnecessarily worn out! Does not cost a lot, it’s not difficult, so let’s go!

How do I clean the filter?

No coincidence that I work outside! The cleaner is solvent-based and causes vapours that I would not be surprised if the wallpaper falls from the ceiling.

Also, I recommend a bowl that ideally has about the size of the air filter, plastic gloves, coffee filters and a funnel.

Start by putting on the gloves, preferably before you even remove the filter, the oil that you otherwise have on the hands can cause skin irritation and is also difficult to wash off.

If you have then separated the foam filter from the Platiktr├Ąger you put it in the bowl and pour some detergent. You should best use so much cleaner that the filter can just so soak it.

The filter should now be kneaded a while with the detergent so that even deep-seated dirt can be flushed out gradually. To protect the filter while doing so, wringing out should be avoided!

To get rid of particularly stubborn dirt I use a soft brush. When the filter is satisfactorily clean, all cleaning liquid is squeezed out.

The finished cleaned filter, I rinse thoroughly with water again and put it to dry in the sun.

Ready cleaned! Not new but close

Top tip: To save his wallet and the environment you can now fill the used liquid through the coffee filter in a clean container and with the next clean it to make the pre-wash.

How do I re-oil the filter?

First of all, you have to decide whether you prefer to oil the filter with filter oil from the spray bottle or if you prefer to oil it on the conventional method with “normal” air filter oil.

I prefer to use normal oil.

My method for oiling the cleaned, dry air filter is this:

I press the filter to the opening of the oil bottle and shake lightly to wet the filter with the oil.

This is repeated at some points until the filter looks something like this:

Then you take a large transparent plastic bag, baptize it “air filter bag” and put the dotted filter inside. In the bag, you can now knead the filter again until the blue oil has evenly distributed. The excess oil is also pressed out of the filter and left in the bag. I always use the same bag for each oil to avoid wasting the excess oil.

The finished oiled filter reinstalled and READY TO RACE!

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